Tuesday, 19 April 2016


So i got up in the morning,did my basic routine by starting my day with amla juice and then proceeded for my yoga class which by the way is being carried out in my own home and the teacher is none  another than  my very own dad!yeah ..he has a certificate for giving yoga lessons..pretty cool huh?So it was then that i realised it has been zillion years since i had taken a good scenic view or even given my mind a chance to re-live the life it should actually..huh,confused?Nope..i just want some good fresh pristine oxygen away from my home..it can be anywhere..London,Paris anywhere!So basically each day passes and i am sitting and wondering like oh god what else must be happening around the world and it seriously tends to give me goosebumps as i really have to explore every god damn stuff  created by that "god"!Career,money..oh please that's all secondary for me,at this moment i just have to stand in the eifel tower or maybe some beach and just wear a loose kaftan with beaded hair and swirl my hair as the music in my ipod plays.My mom would suggest me at this moment its time for me to establish myself like really good,but hey..who knows i am still there tomorrow sipping tea with my dear mom the same way as i did today?People should do what they love and no other day woul be a tiredsome day for him,so here i am bursting out my deepest emotion through this keypad and then displaying it to your screen..so yeah after i had finished with the yoga session with dad as soon as i entered my room in order to prepare my assignments what i did was i opened up my laptop and googled all the bloody stuff about Paris..jeez "PARIS I S ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA"and then i sighed deeply!
First i thought to myself it's just some travel craving which generally happens to like everyone but you know beside that there are certain factors which tend to make you feel like"LOOK YOUR LIFE SUCKS"..and these factors to be precise are the people,relatives or even your best friend who would desperately post their family trip pics on all of the social media!And if u dont post a comment they would be like"DIDN'T YOU LIKED THE PICTURES"???I mean you want all the best things of life all by yourself?You are living a stupendous breezy life so man..that's good for you why the heck i am bound to post the comments??One thing is pretty sure if something like this happens with me the next time..i am going to post"YOUR PICTURES SUCKS"!HUH..SIGH OF RELIEF,DUDE!
Yes but with me the level of saturation has gone way too far that not even the friends could provoke me by sharing any sorts of pics!Why cant i be nomad for a day or two?Why we have to be the busy bee only?All the animals out there are so lucky..i mean they pretty much have anything..don't you think?They wander from place to place in search of food,shelter and seriously if only i could read their mind i would have eagerly known what all marvellous and mouth shunning creations they have seen of this very nature.Yeah i know a life of animal is million times harder than the humans..still we are allowed to think something out of the shelter,right?
My each day is passing and i am growing a day older..that's really sad as i missed a lot and now i don't want to miss anything further.All the beautiful poems by "KEATS" "WORDSWORTH"are now ringing bells in my mind which i had read back in my childhood and to be honest they were all mere poems back then which i had to simply learn  and recite in my class.I never understood the depth it holds until today..

I simply adore how beautifully all these poets could craft the embellishment they saw through the naked eye in nature..So deep meaning and yet heart touching..well,i am no Keats or wordsworth..yet a divine worshipper of true scenic beauty!
It is well said by helen keller"-life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all".It's so true ,i mean if my every day is same monotonous one and if each moment i am unable to learn the thrills of this gift-life,what am i or we going to imply on our realistic lives?It's very important to learn from the struggles of the world about the depth of  our life!Well,i am just being a nomad by heart for now and i am all set to pack my bags and just want to run,walk and move on..

I can't stop humming the beats of famous song of SHANKAR MAHADEVAN..WHICH GOES LIKE.."AASMA KE PAAR SHAYAHD AUR KOI AASMAN HOGA..."(maybe there is some another sort of clouds beyond the actual ones we can see..)and it is so true..who knows what other captivating beauties are held in this universe until we go out and explore??
So here i decide to travel..travel like crazy and there is nothing in the world which could hold back my curiosity to unravel the  walls and boundaries of this world..OH MY GOD..THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE!!!So what are you waiting for??Still not motivated enough to wander around like nomad or a hippie??Well..i am here giving you another chance so scroll down further and watch this astonishing video..now c'mon people..HIT PLAY!!