Saturday, 16 January 2016


 The psychology of  human behaviour is seriously a tough one.The more we think of it the more it leaves us surreptitious .I used to think if once we try to communicate to ourselves,talking to our inner souls would definitely show us the path of understanding human nature.But that's not the end of a story.Communication itself is a strong tool to defeat the undefeatable thing,but we cannot just rely on this theory and concept.The more bewildered the world,the more is the coruscating tendencies of human nature.It is truly said so "so many men,so many opinions"which leads to "you can't please everyone".It is not just about the tendencies of this perplexed mind of human,but also the way he makes others feel about himself.The terrorists and the policemen both comes from the same basket.
    Men are the creature which can not bear reality as it is the part of human to hurt the men you hate.And from here it all begins..the cycle,the chain of complexity,too many minds and everyone willing to conquer the thoughts of next one and to be boastful about oneself.
    And so personally i cannot hurt men as this entire human race is entangled in acting as "angels"in dilemma and "thoughtful" at the time of pain.
  This stage is full of great and  fantabulous actors....Applaud!!!


Wearing heavy makeup,using matt lipsticks,using chanel products is not only what the  society thinks about women.There is much more beyond that.Our thinkings have been confined within these four walls.Our thoughts have become obsolete within past many years which makes us believe this trait about women.Here the true sense of the word scent is of course not the actual scent but the essence of woman in a much deeper  sense.What happened to an elegant,debonair charisma of a woman?woman empowerment??really??Does wearing crop tops and rugged jeans only defines women equality??well,i thought it was about fighting female foeticide,rapists,gender favourtasim,sexualism!!!most of us must have seen the video clip of actress deepika padukone in which she raves about "MY CHOICE"..right?
okay,here is my question when we hear about the word choice does that means we need to forget about all those people who actually care for us?love us?should we totally become selfish??Democracy is good...freedom is good...but crossing that thin line??no!!
        when i see my mother i see a ravishing aura..the sense of management and i feel that's the scent of a women.I am not being any orthodox women me..just revising what a woman's decency should be.Being a woman myself,i want to see a change in men's outlook for a woman rather a girl changing her personality for men.The scent of a women
is how you carry your flaws beautifully,carry criticism can still be an intellect by draping a saree!
         In the world of hi-fi technology,modernity why a woman who shouts"woman empowerment" commits suicide because of some boyfriend issue??Is this how a women should think??Be a women,learn from your religious books,be patient,fight for yourself because that's the scent of a woman.I personally admire the noble peace prize winner Malala Yosafzai..I mean what a lady!!She was shot right on her forehead but here she is working for educational rights..she stood for injustice and that's a promising step towards women empowerment.
         What i intend to say is women need to maintain a part within themselves showing a bit of feminity too,and that could be done by wearing any outfit but most importantly having pious thoughts and actions.Fight for the right thing,speak the right word,be modern yet traditional..(your mother is not totally a fool.)Be soft yet strong.Never let the true essence of a woman get vanishing within yourself.Maybe trying like me...even you can get the true scent of a woman...

refreshing thoughts..

Have you ever wondered why we always at a certain point of life become irascible with people 

inspite our own mistake?

            well,it is not always one's mistake even,still we carry an attitude of hostility.These 

facts does not remain a fallacy anymore now.People tend to take revenge,people tend to  

impious others.They will be dissonant by nature just because some people might have hurt their 

so called "ego"

actually,as it said by great men one should not carry egoism ,but let's be practical ..we all 

have been through that!!In real world maybe only the saints can practice it.Ego is not self-respect 

also..ego is simply about having an attitude of not taking a step forward for one-self.
           If  once we try to let this beautiful thing of showing reverance to humanity generate within 

ourselves..our souls may find  new place to serenity.....