Friday, 18 March 2016



  • : a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something
  •  wrong or bad: the feeling that makes someone want to
  •  hurt other people, to shout,etc. : the feeling of being angry.
  • Well hello people,today i would like to say something
  •  about anger!So dictionary defines anger in different 
  • ways and numerous psychologist in different way.Each one us
  •  must have been through the dark ballyhoo period where 
  • our mind gets purblind and we speak pettish words in the
  •  control of our furious behaviour..haven't we??To be resentful
  •  is normal,to say uncouthy word is also normal..but where
  •  is this leading you?is it providing you the coltish life u always 
  • wanted?Or is it actually defaming that person?
  • One is always going to imperfect..or have theories which would be
  •  just clodhopper or dawdling by nature.So does that gives you
  •  enough permission to break the walls of ur peaceful world 
  • which was build by you?You took so much of pain in 
  • establishing yourself..walked through the hardest of
  •  why to be the fragile hearted person and allow the madness of others
  • take the power of your chariasmatic aura?
  • I have seen people who just needs others to believe what they
  •  believe and when they don't..surprise..he is "angry"!I have a 
  • question for such you think you have grown all experienced
  •  and smart,well educated in order to prove your point?if you believe
  • upon it..prove it..prove it by your action not by you
  •  novious words or actions..
  • we all have a single life to cherish,to be ebullient towards our 
  • family,dear ones and really you never know when your
  •  beautiful moments may become the last ones.Acting vehemently 
  • during the course of your anger can never be justifiable..remember that!
  • people always tend to make mistake or say mean things,they might even
  •  just excoriate your love,emotions and expectations..but is it not possible
  •  to converse in an unharmed manner to that person?Is your temper so
  •  powerful that it can even weaken the mere roots..the moral roots of your 
  • own soul?

A person may get angry out of numerous causes
  • lack of respect
  • lack of self-esteem
  • no love
  • lack of proper communication/understanding
  • lack of expressing emotions.
So now what makes a person behaves so acrimoniously that even the finest of the relations breaks?I am not being a saint here to be true,i am trying to explain the need of stop hating anyone..relations matter,people matter,your one word which can destroy a person can also destroy your beautiful relation!We are all allowed to be mad and speak ill words later..but are we allowed to damage the beautiful souls who always have been there for us?I am myself not completely a restful person yet here i am knowing the ills it can cause if once you cross your limits due to this anger..I know people if once annoys us or behaves in a most unbearable way..we are tend to be angry..i mean that's okay..all i am saying is don't let that anger of you take charge of you or dominate you..Now,what to do if you get way too angry??i am surely going to talk practical here and not going to advise something what Boman Irani did in Munna bhai..(indian flick)because once you are angry..i know you are just very innocently angry..!!Here is a tip..if you actually have loved that person since always you could simply realise the fact that no matter what letting go the best people in your life can be really dreadful and beyond the walls of take a deep breath and go all matter what go know why because you are never going to regret that fact that why you were all silent and quiet rather being a discordant one in your words and action..!So try to relax and calm yourself by being all matter what the next person thinks of you or says to need to strongly adhere the fact that your soul is beautiful and your thoughts are not totally shallow they are just different from others!Never question your instincts,never judge other person by the mere act of his words..the one who is saying right now"You are the most selfish,horrible person"is the one who actually might not feel that exactly and is simply angry just like you..You see how this anger quotient can be deteriorating our emotions for each others?It has the power to budge any well established,flourishing relation..
A very special friend of mine once gave me this very thoughtful and peaceful teaching..he said"you know what Devika,you should channelize this anger of yours and use it a real constructive and productive way"..this mere truth about anger is as abstruse as the meaning of leading a peaceful life because i thought till that time once you are angry..common you are simply angry and jeez people u have to see that!Lord buddha remarkably said"HOLDING ON TO ANGER IS LIKE GRASPING A HOT COAL WITH THE INTENT OF THROWING IT AT SOMEONE ELSE;YOU ARE THE ONE WHO GETS BURNED''So another impressive solution for your anger can be to simply use in in a more powerful are angry about the by-laws of the country?common do something for a social worker,be a non corrupt person yourself first..!Are you pissed by seeing the worries of humankind?Seeing the worries of woman today??go a  sport and work for their upliftment and that is not to say by just showing the empathy but by actual giving you support and dedication to such class..go and adopt a girl child!You are never going to feel better by saying the blithering words to the next person neither are you going to be relaxed by simply breaking all their 206 will only be at peace once your mind is at peace and you have learned the fact to prove the point you believe vehemently only in a the most expeditious manner..There was this huge cry all over the nation during the dreadful and sorrowful happening about "nirbhaya kaand"a 23 years old girl who was brutally raped and killed by bestial gang rapers in Delhi on a bus..oh's hard to express that painful moment!so after that incident what exactly happened people??Candle march at Kargil chowk?People joined hands,bemoaned her death and protested against the brutal gang that all??Why?We all were terribly abhorred by  the incident and a wide rage of fire of disgust prevailed all of our souls that moment..didn't it?So after that candle march was their a complete end to the unbearable disgust about worldwide rapism?NO!!Still today a 2 year old is raped like everyday and every moment..while each one of us is busy with are hectic life?What happened?After that NIRBHAYA incident your lives moved on??WHERE IS YOUR ANGER NOW?????YOUR ANGER NEEDS A DIRECTION HERE,YOUR SOULS WILL BE AT JUSTICE WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO SAVE EVEN A SINGLE RAPE VICTIM FROM THIS UNBEARABLE,HORRIFYING CHAIN OF RAPE!
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