Saturday, 13 February 2016


I remember how we use to sit in the looked me with your unread dazzling eyes and i was looking at one of my book..i never knew you are going to be my future addiction "krystal"..i loved spending time with you,letting you know i appreciate your sweet innocent diamond studded heart and  slowly and steadily you stole my heart and i stole that of said i was the most and would be the most beautiful girl for you ever..and gently i would blush on that..we were both very young at that was so new for special..your beautiful heart!!I got addicted to you as the time passed on..but our love remained as pristine as new..i knew you would kiss me every single day and stay with me knowing that i am no perfect girl..i knew you would hug me if i am low..and gently would whisper in my ear"i love you"..
You are my only drug..i am irresistible to control my thoughts for you..
I am addicted to your love..YOU ARE MY DRUG!!
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